The Atrocity That Has Just Happened


By Julie Horner

I allow myself one rant over the atrocity that has just happened. Enough of our countrymen bought the lies and falsehoods hook, line, and sinker to close the deal. It was maddening to watch, unfathomable to comprehend. We were force-fed a horrifying circus of the outlandish and the improbable. It was a joke from the start that someone so crude and loathsome, with no qualifications, who has never held public office, should somehow rise above all others to hold this nation’s highest office. The joke is squarely on us.

I will not be able to listen to that voice. I am sick to my very fiber. I am despondent. I am furious beyond any words.

For the moment I don’t know how to engage. I am in complete shock that our country would allow itself to be duped like this. It’s not so much about Republican and Democrat. It’s not about Hillary vs. Bernie. It’s about choosing someone with smarts and couth, who has the temperament, strength of diplomacy, and compassion to guide discourse. This is no “movement.” This is recoiling for the next four years, pulling in to take care of each other on the ground level until this unspeakable circumstance has passed. This is joining hands and hearts and taking all action necessary to fight for and protect the forward progress we have made as a nation.

I am appalled. It appears that we are now and probably always have been the nation of Trump. We, the ungovernable, live our lives behind a thin veil of civility and forced calm. Trump is laughing and gloating and licking his fingers, bloated and foul-mouthed, the star of a nightmarish reality show soon to be broadcasting from the White House. And he will be representing us on the global stage. We are he. This is America. I, too, am emboldened… to speak out and take action against hate and bullying of any kind.

Trump Voters Will Not Like What Happens Next