Santa Cruz Mountain Locals Ready for Renaissance!

By Julie Horner

The Northern California Renaissance Faire celebrates its 50th year and 14th season at Casa de Fruta in Hollister. SLV locals eagerly anticipate the run of Faire, many returning year-after-year to perform and make merry in groups such as Dance Macabre, The Naughty Minstrels, and Barley Bane. Wondrous potters, Dan and Laurie Hennig, and Jennifer and Iver Hennig have been selling their fine wares at Faire for decades. And there are those who simply come for the revelry and grandeur of ancient times with bodices cinched tight and drinking vessels filled to brimming with ice cold ale!

The Beckers at Ren Faire

Quinn, Laurie, and Mark Becker, Boulder Creek

The Family That Role-plays Together…Now Has Weapons!

“The Nor Cal Ren Faire has become a family affair for Quinn, Laurie, and Mark! They can blame that on the Hennig families for roping them into portraying a family in the movie, Play Faire, a coming of age story filmed at the Renaissance Faire. Since then, they’ve donned costumes and played faire every year.” – Laurie Becker


Lori Suzanne Holetz, Boulder Creek

Pirates Invade NorCal Ren!

“Having participated in Renaissance Faire for over 25 years, it always remains brilliant with abundant spectacle. Stepping into this mystical world of magic offers a feast for the senses, in a timeless land of fair play and frolicking fun, away from the everyday world. Year after year it is hard to resist, a place where dreams really do come true, Faire always makes for a most splendid day of discovery and treasure to be sure….arrrrrrrgh, matie!” – Lori Suzanne Holetz


Judi Davis, Boulder Creek

Mermaids, Merriment and Music

“An annual late-summer treat, my sister, niece, and I have made the journey together to the NorCal Renaissance Faire as a family to flirt and frolic among the ribboned and ribald. Handsome knights and be-bodiced maidens abound and the ‘real world’ melts away…” – Julie Horner


Julie Horner of Boulder Creek with Jane and Meg Mulcaster of San Jose

Join your neighbors and bring the family to the NorCal Ren Faire, weekends September 16th through October 15th, 2017 ~ 10:00 am – 6:00 pm (free Celtic rock concert Saturday night)

Casa De Fruta
Pacheco Pass, HWY 152
10031 Pacheco Pass Hwy
Hollister, CA


Read more about Dan and Laurie Hennig’s fyne pottery:

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  1. One more weekend of Ren Faire — hope you’re having a blast and that it takes your mind off your troubles temporarily. We as humans, though, have to think ahead and make plans for the future, unfortunately. It usually helps to tackle one problem at a time, but prioritizing problems is a problem in itself! Do you start from the bottom or the top, the easier or the more difficult? I think I’d try to concentrate on updating your skills and getting back into high tech, even though that’s a big mouthful. With your temp job ending soon, you have the motivation and time. It would also solve the ancillary problems of getting your house back and not having to depend on Randy. I know you can do it, and the sooner you get started the better. The older you get, the behinder you feel and the more life gets you down! Make a plan and get started!

    I’ve got a dilemma with the girl next door that I have to knuckle down and solve. She just butchered the redwood tree and in the process let it be known that she claims squatter’s rights to my property. When she moved in she fenced her yard into a dog kennel that she attached to the wall of my house. Now I want to relocate it a few feet away, and she got hostile. Always something! I’m vulnerable, and she has the advantage. I don’t want to devote the rest of my life and resources in a confrontation, but I have to stand up for my rights. We both have our work cut out for us! Hang in there!

    Love you….


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