Destination – Boulder Creek Antiques in “Mac’s 100 Year Old Place”

Boulder Creek’s glorious downtown destination in the grand old building called “Mac’s 100 Year Old Place” across from the only gas station in town at the junction of Highway 9 and Highway 236 (Big Basin Way). The building itself is a relic to enjoy with its turn-of-the-century false front, appropriately sloping floors, and it’s maze of adjoining rooms and cubbies, each filled every possible space with the artifacts of yesteryear for admiring and for sale.

Local dealers bring found objects from their travels to this collective and display the old and the new together in tasteful arrangement throughout. There is an extensive collection of rustic objects, garden art, and miscellany on the back patio. All in all a peaceful and reflective space to peruse the decorative and the functional of a lazy weekend afternoon.

Favorite vendors include Glenda’s Corner just past the front desk on the right. Glenda has an eye for marbles, buttons, clocks, and unusual furniture pieces including tables and desks in rich well-oiled woods, amazing old chests, and mirrors. Local art and jewelry occupy the space in the next room just past Glenda’s Corner. There is simply too much to list; fascinating surprises await around every corner.

All objects in Boulder Creek Antiques are high quality without being overpriced. The members of the collective obviously put their passion and time into collecting and displaying the objects for sale. It’s definitely worth a trip to Boulder Creek just for the antiques…a true travel destination. If you take Highway 9 or Bear Creek Road to Boulder Creek, you can get your antiquing fix without wrestling with city traffic and parking.

And you can stay in Boulder Creek to enjoy the hiking, the local swimming holes on the San Lorenzo River (Sandra Day Park, Junction Park), the restaurants (there’s even excellent sushi right downtown!), beer tasting (Boulder Creek Brewery’s “Brewery Outpost”), and any number of wonderful specialty shops along the downtown corridor. Stop through Boulder Creek for breakfast, lunch, or dinner on your tour of Santa Cruz Mountain wineries! Get a massage! Explore an organic farm (Camp Joy), buy an organic picnic lunch at New Leaf Market. Or explore on foot the quiet historic streets around the downtown.

Visit Boulder Creek Antiques in Mac’s 100 Year Old Place in downtown Boulder Creek. A highly recommended treat for the senses!

Open every day 11:00 am to 5:30pm

13164 Highway 9
Boulder Creek, CA 95006
831 338 0600

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  1. This place continues to amaze me! So MANY wonderful antiques, gifts, and beautiful local art! I’m shopping here for the holidays!

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